About us

We are Kitenergy, an Italian innovative engineering company founded in 2010 and proudly committed to transforming the visionary invention of generating energy from high-altitude winds into reality.

We are a group of twenty professionals ranging from a variety of engineering disciplines such as mechanics, environmental science, mechatronics, electronics, and aerospace. We are working on the development of high-altitude wind technologies since 2010, in collaboration with international universities network and high-tech engineering firms. Our team is recognized at the international level as a pioneer in this field and has been granted several top-level innovation awards from ENI, Intesa Sanpaolo, IEEE, Expo Live Dubai 2020, and is a founder and member of the Airborne Wind Energy Consortium. Kitenergy received international scientific and financing support from both public and private entities


Sebastiano Sella PRESIDENT

With a degree in Economics from Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Milan. He is one of the cofounder of the company.

Bruno Maria Frigero GENERAL MANAGER

He holds a Degree in Economics from the University of Turin and a Master Degree in Project Management from MIT. He has forty years of experience in the most relevant public and private engineering companies.


He holds a BSc Business and Management degree at the University of Buckingham (UK). He is in charge of fundraising and global commercialization.


He is an experienced aerospace professional that served as a senior executive for different international companies in the field of aerospace and research.


Wind and power are fused in a strong, contemporary visual concept, where sinusoidal currents create a unique graphic pattern.

These also symbolize three key elements: the sky, from which we generate clean, renewable energy; land, where we set our state-of-the-art equipment; and, last but not least, the sea, where our future projects will take shape. A bold statement, representing our essence and our future.


After years of engineering and validation through experimental testing, our small-scale mobile prototype performs in line with our technology roadmap and is raising interest among stakeholders and potential customers.


Start of the Engineering process of an industrial design and construction of the new equipment K100 based on the KE60 Mark III legacy.


KE 60 Mark III commissioning in San Pancrazio (BR) and final validation of the technology


KE 60 Mark II commissioning hosted by Aeronautica Militare at San Pancrazio Airfield

AWARDGlobal Innovator Award – ExpoLive Innovation Impact Programm, Dubai Expo2020
Certificate of Appreciation – “Our common future: Energy, Environment & Development”, Expo 2017 Astana (Kazakhstan)


KE60 Prototype commissioning in Ascoli Satriano (FG)

AWARDTerrific Renewable Energy Site
Best Presentation Award – Europe Unlimited Italian Venture Forum, Torino


Foundation: Kitenergy operations start in Turin

AWARDIEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology Outstanding Paper Award
AWARDENI Awards “Debut in Research” Prize